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Twitter Accounts

This has been a long time coming, but now that I have enough accounts on Twitter to warrant needing this page, it's time that I have a page about my Twitter accounts. So without much further ado:

This is a very brand new account that I just created when I realized that I had a few problems with using my mains @dragonarchitect, @TheImperialToy, and @CalyoNSFW for artistic links, announcements, and whatnot. One stays strictly SFW, another is NSFW and locked because pics, and the third I try to keep in-character. And I tweet. A lot. So much so that links & announcements get lost in the stream of consciousness! So, here's a dedicated unlocked account to follow and enable notifications on for announcements and new links!
This is my main, IRL and sometimes in-character me account. You'll see all of my day-to-day shitposting, ranting, and crap over here. This account is strictly not explicitly lewd in order to be followable by pretty much anybody. Expect cussing. I don't fucking care about how dirty my damn mouth is. :v
I decided to finally create a new Twitter account where I could be openly lewd, separate from my main, and more in-character as Calyo Delphi. This account was created out of necessity due to followers who do not wish to see IRL photographs, as well as to be able to openly respond to Twitter accounts that don't follow back. This is NOT a 100% strictly in-character account, but it is definitely much more in-character than @dragonarchitect. This account's content can be rated R and there will be some IRL cross-over with my other NSFW Twitter, but there will be no IRL photographs. IRL photographs can be found in the next account listed below.
This is my old After Dark/NSFW Twitter account. Because this one currently has all of my previously-tweeted IRL pics and I don't want to get rid of those, I am repurposing this account to contain primarily real-life photographic content, including retweets of such. This account's content can be pornographic in nature because it will host pornographic photographs. In accordance with United States federal law, no follow requests from accounts that are under the age of 18, the federally defined age of consent, will be accepted. Any accounts that reveal themselves to be under 18 WILL BE IMMEDIATELY BLOCKED FOR THIS REASON!
This is an in-character, RPish account for my character Donna Panucci (Donna is a title of respect, fyi). Panucci is a mafia boss and a business baroness of logistics and private security. Yes, she runs a legit security business instead of using it for extortion. She runs her mafia a lot more like a yakuza gang than a traditional Italian mafia, honor-bound to contractual obligations free of extortion. Her mafia primarily engages in smuggling of illicit goods & substances, and she runs a tight ship to keep temptation and addition from taking hold amongst her ranks.
@CyiranKataD (Inactive)
This is also an in-character, RPish account for my character Katanaguri Datsun. They are a member of my fictional alien race, the Cyirans, and they are a cultural ambassador. This account is mostly inactive at this point and I'm considering deleting it.
@RogueSAIOS (Inactive)
Another in-character, RPish account for my character, Rogue SAIOS. SAIOS is an acronym for Sentient Artificial Intelligence Operating System. Rogue is a sassy AI, and she can be a bit mischievous. Particularly when it comes to hacking shenanigans. This account is mostly inactive at this point and I'm considering deleting it.