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Commission Information

Hello, intrepid commissioner! I'm willing to bet you're reading this page right now because you're thinking about commissioning the most esteemed and exalted, the Imperial Toy VCXE-225963, Empress Calyo Pereonis Delphi, to write a story for you! Well, you're in luck! Because this page provides all the information you will need to know to engage in such a business transaction!


First and foremost, I offer my services in the form of flat-rate pricing tiers for my story commissions! All prices are listed in United States Dollars:

Story Pricing Schedule
Price Tier Word Count Price
0   500 −  2,000 $ 15.00
1 2,000 −  4,000 $ 30.00
2 4,000 −  6,000 $ 50.00
3 6,000 −  8,000 $ 70.00
4 8,000 − 10,000 $ 90.00
5   500 − 10,000 + $ 10.00 / 1000
words, rounded

If you're still interested, then send me an email at commission64calyodelphi46com to begin the order process! Be sure to read my Terms and Conditions below. And if you like my work and feel I deserve a little bit extra for the lascivious, latexy literature that I so lovingly laid out, I have a tipjar!


My prices have been increased slightly to more accurately reflect the quality of my work, my writing habits, and PayPal fees. Most of the stories I write end around the middle of the word count ranges, so adjusting the prices to reflect this seems like it would work best in the long run. Plus, I need to account for the small fee that PayPal skims off the top to pay their own bills (hey, no business works for free; that's the nature of capitalism). If you have already ordered a commission from me on my old pricing tiers, your commission will be subject to the old prices. The new prices come into effect for new story commissions only! This is not an ex postfacto change!


  1. If you wish to request a commission, send an email to commission64calyodelphi46com to request a slot. Be sure to include the following information in your email, so I can keep track of who you are:
  2. Please do not comment on any of my journals or send me notes/pms on any art or social media site or via any messenger apps to request a slot! I will not be able to keep track of requests via these communications and I will direct you to email me at commission64calyodelphi46com instead!
  3. Please be patient while I review the order and determine whether or not I am able to accept it. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to accept the request, but I will do my best to accommodate.
  4. If your commission request is accepted, it will be added to the In Planning stage of my Art Queue on Trello where you can then monitor its progress up the queue as I work on it.
  5. I WILL NOT request the deposit until I am ready to start on your commission, and I WILL NOT request final pay until the completed commission is ready to be shipped. Currently, I can accept only PayPal as a payment method. Invoices will come from dragon46architect64gmail46com, and my invoices have the option to make a partial payment in the amount of the deposit.


These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.


Please be sure to read the full Terms and Conditions below, but the basic gist of each section is:

Payment and Refund Policy
I require an initial deposit of $30.00 for a Tier 1 or higher story. Full payment is due on completion of commission and prior to shipping. I will refund this deposit if I can't complete your commission. I will issue a partial refund if I write less than 2,000 words for you. Tier 0 stories are exempt from this deposit policy.
Acceptable Content Policy
If you want explicit content in your commission, refer to my kinks profile for a listing of what kinks I will or will not write. If you have questions, ask me anywhere you can find me, and I will answer as soon as I can. Unasked questions are guaranteed to go unanswered.
I will do my best to maintain regular contact via my commission64calyodelphi46com email address during the writing process.
Private and Anonymous Commissions
You have the right to request your commission to be private. (Be sure to read the details below.) You also have the right to request your commission to be anonymous.
Code of Conduct
Don't be a complete asshole. If I have to terminate a commission for abusive behavior towards me, you forfeit the right to a refund of the $30.00 deposit.
Right to Refuse Business
I reserve the right to refuse business to any one for any reason. It's just a generic last-resort catch-all in case I need to invoke it.
Copyright Policy
Copyright is split 50/50. I can't really TL;DR this one. Just skip to the jump and read the details.

Payment and Refund Policy

  1. If you order a Tier 1 or higher commission from me, I will require an initial up-front deposit of $30.00 for a minimum 2,000 – 4,000 word story that I will hold on the side until the story is complete.
  2. Tier 0 stories, which are $15.00 for 500 – 2,000 words, do not require a deposit.
  3. If I am unable to complete the story for any reason except abuse (see Code of Conduct below), this deposit will be refunded in full, no questions asked.
  4. If the final story is less than 2,000 words, then I will issue a partial $15.00 refund of the deposit to reflect that I wrote a 500 – 2,000 word Tier 0 story for you.
  5. If the final story is not long enough to qualify for the tier that you ordered, you will only need to pay for the lower tier the story fits into instead. I will edit the invoice to reflect this.
  6. If I surpass the tier that you selected, I will give you the option to pay at the higher tier if you want to. Otherwise, I will charge you at the original tier that you requested, no further questions asked. I am prone to getting on a roll and writing a lot more words than intended in some cases, particularly if I thoroughly enjoy what I am writing. Just to warn ahead of time, upper length limits were the bane of my existence in school.
  7. Upon completion of the story, final payment of the remaining amount will be required prior to shipping.
  8. I accept tips. If you feel I deserve a little bonus for a job well done, you can drop your tip into my tipjar here!

What I Will And Will Not Do (Acceptable Content Policy)

  1. Clean stories are totally 100% A-OK. Dirty/Explicit stories are dependent upon my own personal limits and preferences, because there are some kinks that I just Will Not Do™.
  2. Until I can get a proper listing sorted out, I'm gonna toss up a link to my (very out of date) kinks profile to illustrate what I will/won't do as far as fetish/kink content goes: Hyperkinky hyperlinky
    1. Anything that's on the red list is a no-no for various reasons. Most of them are kinks that either scare me or seriously bother me for reasons I am willing to provide if asked; some of them have no reason—I just don't like them and I can't give a reason why. ¯\_(°_o)_/¯
    2. Anything on the blue list or the green list I can definitely do. Especially if it's on the blue list!
    3. If you want a story that includes stuff on the yellow list, please be patient as there may be a mild delay while I try to figure out good ways to work it into the story.
    4. These lists are slightly out of date. Some kinks have moved around over the years and I just haven't been arsed to keep them as up to date as I really should be doing. If you are still not sure and want to know if I will or will not write a story featuring certain content, then just ask me anywhere you can poke me! Getting an answer is always better than not knowing or assuming.


I will do my best to regularly communicate the intended plot and scenes in the story so that you can point me in the direction that you want your commission to go. If I am unsure about what your character should/would do in a particular situation, I will ask for clarification. Communication will be via email from my commission64calyodelphi46com address

Private and Anonymous Commissions

You may request your commission to be private. A private commission will not be published publicly by me. However, if you wish to publish the commission publicly yourself, then the commission WILL NOT be eligible for a request to be private. Private commissions require both parties, myself and the commissioner, to agree to not publish the finished commission publicly.

You may request your commission to be anonymous. An anonymous commission will be published publicly by me, but I will not include any mention or attribution of the commissioner, you, in any descriptions of the commission. You will remain anonymous. Anonymity is an always-available option to request, even if you wish to publish your commission yourself as well. I will respect anonymity unless you request for the anonymity to be removed.

Code of Conduct

Please do not be abusive or harassing in your communication with me. I can tolerate a lot of crass and casual language and inappropriate jokes. I do a lot of that with my mates all the time. We're people. Sometimes we dispense with the pleasantries and say crass things. That's perfectly okay. I do, however, have a very low tolerance for abusive or harassing conduct towards me, and I will not put up with such behaviour. I got enough of that from customers in when I worked as tech support for several years.

I will request a cease and desist of the abusive behaviour. If I am forced to terminate a commission due to excessively abusive or harassing conduct after repeat requests to cease and desist, I WILL NOT refund the deposit. If you are abusive towards me, you forfeit your right to a refund of the deposit. If you have made a payment larger than the minimum deposit, then you will receive a pro-rated refund minus the deposit.

Right to Refuse Business


This is a standard catch-all clause for any Terms and Conditions. It's red text, but it's not a red flag. A last resort clause, if you will.

  1. The stories that I write are stories that you, the commissioner, paid for. Thus, copyright on shipped stories shall be divided 50/50. It shall be this way for the reasons stated below:
  2. You may post your stories anywhere that you desire. Since they are your stories that you paid for, you have every right to post them up and brag about them.
  3. PLEASE credit me as the author of the story. A link back to the original is highly preferred, but just give credit where credit is due. That is all that I ask for.
  4. You may make edits to the final shipped stories as desired, but PLEASE at least credit me as the original author and indicate that your edited versions are edits and link back to the originals that I produced. Otherwise, they are your stories to tweak and modify and edit to your tastes.
  5. I reserve the right to publish commissioned stories, in full or in part, anywhere that I deem appropriate. This can include on FurAffinity, SoFurry, Weasyl, Inkbunny, FurryNetwork, Patreon, my own website, or any other art website or crowd funding service that reasonably supports story submissions.
  6. I reserve the right to use commissioned stories, in full or in part, for promotional purposes.
  7. All characters featured in any stories written are copyrighted to their owners, and the owners shall retain full copyright of their characters.
  8. In commissioning me to write stories for you featuring copyrighted characters not owned by you, I will be writing under the assumption that you have already received permission from the owner(s) of characters not owned by you. If the owner(s) of characters not owned by you come forth to request or demand that I remove any stories featuring their characters, I will be required to comply in accordance with United States copyright law.


Why Price Tiers?

After some struggle with the idea of charging on a per-N-words basis, I decided ultimately that it would be best to charge in price tiers instead. At least for shorter stories that I can write in one go. I have two reasons for this:

  1. It is easier for you to choose how much you want to pay.
  2. My prices are much more predictable.

With price tiering, you can just pick a price tier and know that your finished commission will fit within a range of word counts, and be done with it. Previously, when charging per 100 words, the final price given would be some arbitrary dollar amount rather than anything nicely rounded and predictable. With price tiering, you already know how much you want to pay, and I can just write a story or set of stories that fits within a word count range. The total word count can be a single story or I may split it across two or three shorter stories to make your commission a series.

What if I want more than 10,000 words?

If you want more than 10,000 words of written prose, I reintroduce my per-N-words scheme, but a little different than how I previously ran the scheme: This time the rate is $10.00 per 1,000 words, rounded to the nearest 1,000 words. (This idea was inspired by my friend Tiberius Kishi!) So the final price of the commission will be a nice multiple of $10.00. This means that a commission of 11,500 – 12,500 words will come out to $120.00 even, but 12,500 – 13,500 words will bump up to $130.00.

I decided to do this rounding to the nearest 1,000 words because, let's be honest, I blow through 500 words of prose in no time flat when I'm in a flow. Previously, my ±5% rule was arbitrary and confusing and unintuitive and probably contributed to a lot of people just not wanting to commission me because complicated mathy pricing scheme. I love math, but the sentiment is not shared by everyone! Rounding to the nearest 1,000 words is much nicer.

What if I just want to give you a budget of $X dollars to write in?

Tier 5 also works for that. :) It's not just for commissions of more than 10,000 words of prose. It's good for a thousand-ish words all the way up to "Wait, how much did you say the budget was again!?"

Where do I send payment?

For business purposes (both financial and legal, primarily for tax reasons), you don't send payment to me. I send an invoice to you, and then you pay the invoice. This way, I can keep a clear record of business transactions just in case the Internal Revenue Service decides they want to pick apart my finances to find reasons to stiff me with back-taxes. (As if they'll ever bother with someone as low income as me, but it still helps to cover your ass.)

That said, I have a separate tipjar where you can send tips my way if you feel I deserve a reward for a job well done. You can drop a tip here if you'd like.

I would like for my commission to include a kink that's on your yellow list. Can you do that?

Possibly! It never hurts to ask about it. Odds are I might be able to work it in easily, or I might have to impose circumstantial limitations for whatever reason. I'll be sure to answer as thoroughly as I can, and do what I can to work with you to work that kink into your commission. Unasked questions are guaranteed to always go unanswered. So ask away!

What about on your red list? I've seen you ponder about some of those kinks.

This is true, I have pondered about an extreme few of those kinks. Not all of them. I mean, you can still ask about them. The worst I can do is say I won't or can't do it for whatever reason, and I won't be rude or in your face about it. Like I said in the previous answer: Unasked questions are guaranteed to always go unanswered.

There's a kink I'd like you to include, but I'm nervous asking about it…

Don't be! I'm unabashedly kinky and shamelessly squeaky! Hell, my fursona pretty much physically embodies a number of my most favorite kinks. I love it that way, and I have naught a single fuck to give to anyone who thinks I'm a perverted degenerate furry for it. So go ahead and ask me about those kinks that you're nervous to ask about! Odds are it's something I might find sexy, too!

It's entirely natural to feel a bit embarrassed or afraid of talking about a kink that you feel is a bit extreme or humiliating or unnerving to you—especially if it's one that you've only recently taken a liking to that you previously didn't like. Talking about it helps you to understand why you feel like you might enjoy it! We can't always choose what makes our clock tick, but we can choose whether or not to act on it and how to act on it. Even if I can't talk about it because no experience or it's not my cup of tea, I know people who can, and who can help you explore it without judgement.

Do you write any of your own stories anymore?

Yep! Or, at least, when I can justify the time for them. I have a number of personal stories up on my Art Queue on Trello, and I use Patreon as a tip jar for them, but at the moment I'm between jobs and can't often justify the time spent on personal works for what I get back out of them from my wonderful Patrons. If you'd like to become a Patron, rewards start at $1.00 per story for a month's early access! I don't use paywalls for my final published stories, so even if you can't afford to become my Patron, don't worry! I still make my stories public when the month is up!

Alternatively, you can commission me to write one of those stories for you, which would pretty much guarantee I would use a character of your choice in the story.

Can I be a guest star in one of your stories?

Psst. Patreon. $1.00 per story. Yes. ;)

Unless you directly inspire me to write a story. Then I may very well make you the unfortunate guest star anyways!

Alternatively, you can commission me to write one of those stories for you, which would pretty much guarantee I would use a character of your choice in the story.

I love reading your stories! They always make me cum before I finish reading them!
I just wanted to tell you that. That's not too creepy is it…?

*clears throat*


That's the whole reason I write kinky stories in the first place! To push your buttons and make you squirm and whimper with pleasure, and hopefully make you pop before the climax! (Pun totally intended~) I love it when I hear from people that my stories make them squirmy and make them cum. It makes me cackle with glee that this devil of pleasure gets to feed off of your pleasure~ It's positive feedback that encourages me to write more!

I can understand that some artists find it super creepy when someone comments on their work, commenting about how it made them cum or going into lurid detail about the fantasy that slipped through their mind and into their dick as it slipped through their hand until they came so hard they couldn't move afterwards. Such artists prefer a much more professional interaction with their fans, which is perfectly fine. That's how they want to do their business, and we should be respectful of that.

But, damn it all. I'm in the business of writing porn when I feel like making dicks rise up and stand at attention. If I don't know that my porn is making your pants too tight to be comfortable that you just have to slip them off and pump your dick harder than an old brake pedal, how will I know that I'm writing stuff that my readers enjoy? If my stories give you fantasies beyond what the narrative alone details, and you feel the urge to tell me about them, fucking tell me! Knowing that my writing excites your erotism and inspires your imagination makes me giddy and squee with kinky glee!

Then, after you tell me the ideas that go through your head, fire up a fucking text editor and write them down in your own little story! Get those creative juices flowing after you've made your own sexy juices flow!

Or if chastity and denial are your thing, don't let your sexy juices flow until you've let your creative juices flow out first~ That's a direct order from The Imperial Toy VCXE-225963, Empress Calyo Pereonis Delphi~

And for your own sake, don't measure the quality of your work against mine. I've been writing for years now, so the work that you see is a result of years of paracticing and honing these skills. Write for you. Write for your own fun. Skills don't hone themselves if you don't practice and use them. So just write and have fun doing it. The same can be said for any creative skill, from writing to drawing to photography to sculpting to playing an instrument to composing music. If you don't do it, you won't get better at it. And the fastest way to discourage yourself from doing it is to compare yourself to others of higher skill, rather than letting yourself become inspired to aspire to be as good as them or better. Don't compare yourself to me. Be inspired by me! Strive to be as good as me or better!

Oh. Ok. Um… Can I use you as a character in my story?

Sure! Just be sure to ask me about it first to make sure I'm okay with what you're planning for your character to do to Calyo… or make Calyo do to your character… or make Calyo suffer enjoy alongside your character~

Just ask. Odds are I'll say yes. :P

I noticed a typo or grammar error in one of your stories.

Whoops! Which story? Where'd you find it? Let me know and I'll be happy to fix it! Even writers aren't perfect, and in a story of 3,000+ words, spelling and grammar errors are inevitable! And good on ya for spotting the mistake!