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Wish Lists

Okay, so... I don't know a single person that doesn't have a wish list of things they want that they can't have yet. Did you know I have some, too? No? Well, now you do! Or maybe you already knew and you're just looking here to find them. Either way, here they are!

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General Amazon Wish List
This is my general Amazon wish list of the various things I want. As of right now, priority #1 for this list is to get a portable power bank for my phone.
A/V & Photography
This wish list contains items specifically for audio/video recording and photography! I would like to be able to take nicer pictures of things (myself included) and make higher quality audio and video recordings. Obviously, better quality hardware for this is a necessity! A high priority (though not #1) for this list is stuff to take better quality pictures with my phone. Though I sure would love the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or the Canon PowerShot.
Electrical Engineering Supplies
This is the wish list of Amazon. This list is purely tools & stuff that I would like to have to be able to do lots of electrical engineering stuffs!
Electrical Components
This is an ancillary wish list to the previous one. It's where I've dumped all the random kits and sets of electrical components that I'd like to get my hands on to build up my stockpile.
Music Studies
I now have a Roland FP-3 electric piano and a Roland KC-100 amplifier in my posession, courtesy of a super close friend! So some of the books on here are gonna be useful for when I've learned how to play it (I've already got books on that), and also for music theory studies. I also want to learn how to play bass, so I've got an electric bass on here along with some effects pedals matched to go with it.
I don't know anybody who doesn't have a need for tools. I sure as heck do! So here's a wish list of the tools I have a need for.
SparkFun Wish List
This is a general SparkFun wish list of various things I'd love to have from this site. SparkFun is a really nifty website that sells all kinds of kits and components for electronics projects, and they also sell some of their own in-house designed breakout boards for components that just don't fit easily on standard 100mil (0.1") pitch protoboard or breadboard.
Adafruit Wish List
Just like SparkFun, Adafruit is another website that sells all sorts of really cool stuff for electronics projects. Kits, components, hardware, you name it. And of course, I have a general wish list here as well!
Steam Wish List
I don't do a whole lot of gaming, but I do fire up games once in a blue moon. I have here a Steam wish list of games I'd love to have! If you want to gift me a game that's not on this list, be sure to ask me first whether or not I'd actually play it. I'm super picky about the kinds of games I enjoy, and it's mostly for health reasons: most kinds of games induce anxiety for me.
Or if you just don't know what to get me, or can't decide between the wishlists linked above, I don't mind just plain cash! I'm sure I can think of some useful ways to spend whatever you want to toss my way! Something off one of my own wish lists, an art commission, something a little more off-beat, car repairs (I do have a car in good working order now, but I sure would like to fix my other car up enough to make it a weekend runabout), among other things…
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