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Welcome to my shiny, squeaky section of the Internet, intrepid browser. You have been fortunate enough to stumble upon (or have been pointed to) the private domain of dragon-architect (also known as Calyo Pereonis Delphi).

As you explore further into my domain, you may find yourself increasingly interested, nay perhaps even intrigued, in the rubbery dragon that composed this domain one keystroke at a time. I can assure you, she is quite friendly and harmless~ Do not resist the temptation to explore~ She welcomes visitors with open arms… and tentacles~ >:3

There's links up there that you can click to find different things. Some of it is stuff I've concocted; some of it came from the creative muses of friends. The stuff that comes from friends, I just assembled into more readable info pages and plugged them in here for easy reference. I make no claims upon the content within any documents that are annotated to credit others.

Don't be surprised if some of the links don't work yet. I quite literally threw this together in less than a week, and have not had a chance to build everything yet.