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Calyo Delphi Reference

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Full Text Description

His "natural" form resembles that of a dragon covered from head to toe in feathers, and has a "mane" of larger feathers on the top and back of his head and neck. Because of his living liquid latex composition, Calyo has a very shiny, rubbery appearance even on his feathers that looks as if he is constantly "wet". He has a blue stripe that begins on either side of his snout; it passes beneath his eyes and joins together at the base of his skull into a single spinal stripe that extends to the base of his tail. A series of blue V-shaped stripes that open towards the tip run down the length of his tail, and he has a set of four blue sloped slash marks on either side of his waist, looking somewhat like ribs.

His tail ends in a simple tip with no spade, and his facial features are rounded with no visible teeth along his jaw line. His canine teeth are several centimetres (one or two inches) long and highly visible when his jaws are open, while the rest of his teeth are unspecialized for an omnivorous diet. His ears are pointed and tipped with blue. In his left ear, he wears a ring near the base and a pair of studs (one next to the ring and the other near the tip) connected by a chain; in his right ear, he wears a set of three rings spaced close together in the middle. His two horns are moderate length with a gentle backwards curve, and are ribbed like gazelle horns. Between his horns are two setaceous antennae (like those of cave crickets or cockroaches) that are as long as his body. A set of three blue rings are spaced near the tips of each antenna, and they are usually folded back to hover close to his body (as opposed to hanging limply). These tentacles do not possess sucker pads.

He has four pairs of tentacles on his back. He also has an air valve in his belly, around where a navel would be. There is a tiny bulge near the tip of his tail, on its underside, that appears to be a backwards-pointing gland of some sort. Descending from his neck down to his knees is what looks like a cord of rubber, about a centimetre thick. This is his leash, and is a permanent part of his body, its connection to his neck being perfectly seamless.

Calyo's cock has a pointed, but slightly rounted tip and an upward curvature. Its girth tapers gently larger from just behind the glans up to his knot, which is composed of several glands that inflate and solidify when his cock is fully erect. There are several diagonal ridges along the sides of his cock that are angled backwards from the underside to the top, that give his partners the feeling of literally being screwed.

Calyo's cock is contained within a slit, he does not possess external testicles, and he has a vagina directly behind his cockslit. Calyo also has a snakeshaft contained within a secondary womb beyond his vagina. The snakeshaft's head resembles a corn snake.

Color Palatte
ColorHex CodeRGB CodeUse
#111111 17, 17, 17Body
#0000CD 0, 0,205Stripes
#5A5A5A 90, 90, 90Horns/Claws
#006400 0,100, 0Eyes
#CE9898206,152,152Ear Flesh
#622729 98, 39, 41Tongue
#6B4A53107, 74, 83Mouth


Some colors may differ from the provided palatte on the reference sheet. Please use these supplied values as base colors and adjust as necessary.

Individual Part Descriptions

Base Species
The usual species that Calyo appears to be is a feathered dragon. His entire body is covered from head to toe in feathers, with a head crest of larger feathers. Before he became a living latex goo, he was such a feathered dragon, and this form has remained his default as a residual self image. He has many other "automatic" forms that he can assume, but this is always the default to be assumed.
Base Type
Calyo is a living latex goo creature. His entire body is liquid throughout, from his skin to his very core. Any texture and hardness that his body exhibits is merely a result of mentally controllable intermolecular bonds. One quality that Calyo cannot change about himself, no matter what texture he may emulate, is that his body always appears to be extremely wet and shiny (this even includes fine-scale textures, such as feather barbs or hair follicles, which will give such structures a striated appearance instead).

Calyo maintains his liquid form by absorbing ambient light and heat from his environment. He cannot "steal" energy from another source. Light and heat that his body absorbs is converted into molecular kinetic energy that keeps him in a liquid form. As a result, Calyo always feels warm to the touch, the vibrations of his body's molecules transferring some of their stored heat into any surfaces in contact with him. If Calyo allows himself to completely exhaust his energy supply, his body congeals into a solid mass and he is forced into a comatose state until he absorbs enough energy to melt and reawaken.
Gender Information
While Calyo technically has no gender whatsoever, he typically retains the physical reproductive structures of a hermaphrodite and the general body build of a male. For more information, see the Not Safe for Work Reference.
Calyo's primary abilities include liquid shapeshifting, rubbermancy, and psionics. Calyo can alter his form into any shape and color scheme that he can imagine. He can also manipulate latex as though it were a magical element, and imbue it with any properties that he can imagine, including phenomenal properties that it would not normally possess.

As a psion, Calyo is a master of telepathy and telekinesis. As a personal rule, he does not actively read the thoughts or memories of others (he does not appreciate it when others attempt such on him), however he is fully capable of "mindfucks" that can completely alter the personality of others. As a telekinetic, Calyo is fully capable of exploiting and even bending laws of physics to wield "pure energy" as a pseudo-magical element, and mold it to his will. He is also capable of pseudo precognition, through sensing movement of surrounding matter and the outwardly projected motives of others (thus, he is not capable of true precognition).

Calyo's divine abilities stem from his relationship with several gods as well as an apparent previous life as a god, one of which is primarily his wife. In the Marjaskian Mansion, he is a full-powered god of latex and of the Raidatans. In other settings, however, his powers may be diminished or completely nonexistent. Regardless of whether he possesses these powers or not, his divine nature is that of a devil-god, enabling him to be empowered by the emotions of others.

Calyo is empowered by positive emotions and therefore often seeks to help others when they are upset or diffuse tense situations to keep the emotional atmosphere around him positive. He will also often use his telepathic abilities in an empathic manner, enabling him to sympathize with others or reinforce the emotions of others. His most favored emotions are adrenaline rush and sexual ecstasy, those being the most intense emotions that can be felt by others.
Liquid Form
While not necessarily a default form of Calyo, this is his most "natural" form as a latex goo. His physical form is maintained purely by intermolecular forces, with no complex emulated texture or hardness. Thus, he looks and feels as if he is completely liquid. His surface feels slick and wet, and his matter will displace if something is pushed into his body with sufficient force.
Female Form
As an alternate build of his base form, Calyo also occasionally morphs into a female build. She possesses a slimmer waist and F-cup breasts as a female. Her slash marks are also more closely spaced and positioned lower on her sides so that the top slash passes just underneath her breasts.
Feral Form
This was Calyo's original form as a feather dragon. His anthropomorphic form was a relatively recent addition to his repertoire as a flesh and bone creature. At the time that he was converted into living latex, he had reached his full size as a dragon, his head standing approximately 2m high and his body approximately 5m long. While he is "relatively" small compared to some of the dragons that he knows, he often gloats about his ability to fit through anthro-sized doorways without having to alter his own body size or squeeze through.
Calyo's wings only appear on his feral form, often in place of his tentacles. They are bat-like in structure, with feathers covering only the bony parts. Each digit on his wings is tipped with blue and a single claw. Other than these blue accents, the rest of his wings are the same off-black color as the rest of his body, with opaque membranes.
Calyo has a fairly simple complement of jewelry on his body. His right ear has three rings spaced closely together in the middle. His left ear has a single ring near the base (an earring that Calyo has had for centuries) and two studs linked by a fine chain: one slightly above the other ring and one near the tip of his ear. He wears a ring on his right ring finger (he has had this ring for as long as he has had the earring in his left ear). All of his "standard" jewelry is chemically pure (99.999% pure) platinum.

Calyo also dons the occasional necklace, bracelet, anklet, armband, or other items of decoration; these are always made of titanium, platinum, or gold (never silver) and occasionally studded with precious gemstones. Other than amethyst, Calyo refuses to wear inexpensive gemstones or gemstone lookalikes. In his female form, Calyo can be found wearing barbells in her nipples. The endcaps of the barbells are the same size as her nipples and sit right against them.
The texture inside Calyo's mouth is normally identical to that of his liquid form, with a wet appearance and feel. However, his tongue is completely dry when he licks others, unless he willfully leaves a deposit of latex saliva. His teeth are unspecialized (even though he does not need them to consume food, he retains them for facial expressions) and his canines are considerably larger than the rest of his teeth.
Head Crest
Calyo has a crest of larger feathers on his head that extends from between his eyebrows to halfway down his neck. These feathers can be raised and lowered as part of his facial expressions.
Calyo's eyes have white sclera and dark green irises. His pupils are ovaloid—they are neither round nor slit.
Calyo's horns are moderate length (approximately 2/3 the length of his head) with a gentle backwards curve. They have regularly spaced ribs similar to the horns of gazelle. In ANY of his draconic forms, Calyo's horns (and his claws) are the only parts of his body that do not store energy and form very stiff polymer chains with a high degree of cross-linking, effectively acting as completely solid and inflexible latex resin.
Calyo's tail is prehensile and ends in a simple tip. It does not have any spade-like structures or additional decoration. Calyo's spinal stripe ends at the base of his tail and becomes a series of upside-down V-shaped marks along the full length of his tail.
Calyo's body stripes follow a mildly complicated pattern. The main stripe begins on either side of his muzzle, just behind his nostrils, and curve underneath his eyes. They pass under his ears and join together on the back of his neck, at the bottom of his crest, and runs the length of his spine to the base of his tail. On either side of his body, from just below his pectorals to his hips, are a series of four "slash" marks that angle upwards as they wrap around from his front to his back. These slash marks do not join with his spinal stripe.
Calyo's tentacles are a very recent addition to his form. They are highly prehensile manipulators, possessing the same liquid appearance as the inside of his mouth. They do not have sucker pads, but are used almost exclusively as physical manipulators regardless. Each of Calyo's tentacles is capable of splitting along their lengths into as many as four smaller tentacles apiece. Calyo normally keeps them tucked snugly against his back or semi-loosely hanging with their tips curled upward. Calyo's tentacles are fully capable of producing and secreting cum out of their tips. Their production rate is lower than that of his cock, but they can maintain nonstop production.
Calyo's antennae are another fairly recent addition, gifted to him by a god to grant him additional sensory input and capabilities. His antenna are setaceous (like those of cave crickets and cockroaches) and are as long as body, with three closely spaced rings of blue near their tips. Their surfaces, like his horns and claws, are hard polymerized latex, feeling as though they are chitinous, but they are liquid beneath and are flexible and pseudo-prehensile. Calyo normally keeps his antennae floating slightly behind himself. His antennae are the only part of his latex body that can feel pain, and they can feel it intensely (his antennae are NOT to be tugged).

Calyo's antennae are highly sensitive to the following inputs: taste, smell, touch, changes in ambient temperature and pressure (Calyo cannot identify absolute temperature and pressure with his antennae), magic, psionic energy, and "pure" energy (raw Joules that are released in any form of energy emission). Calyo's antennae also act as psionic foci, boosting his already considerable prowess by several orders of magnitude. However, the sensitivity of his antennae also leave him highly vulnerable to sensory overload.
A rubber cord, lacking a handle, hangs from just above the base of Calyo's neck, attached to Calyo by a seamless bond. This is Calyo's leash, and its length extends approximately to his knees. His leash is highly sensitive when touched or squeezed, and Calyo is completely weak to any pulling upon his leash (preventing any need for a handle). He can be forced to do anything that the holder of his leash desires, via mental or verbal command.
Air Valve
While Calyo does not often indulge in inflation fantasies, his air valve is a remnant from a period during which he had a strong fascination in such and spent some time as an inflatable. His valve is sensitive to the touch, and can be used in conjunction with his leash to "lock" him into any particular form or behavior, and can likewise be used to claim ownership of him. Blowing air into his valve automatically transforms him into an inflatable again, and any additional air added will cause his entire body to expand proportionally.
Spider Silk
As a gift from TeraDyne, Calyo has the ability to produce his own version of spider silk. This silk is composed of a mix of latex and resin. Varying proportions of each can alter such properties as flexibility, strength, adhesion, hardness, and so on. He is able to secrete this special silk from glands under his tongue and near the tip of his tail, the latter gland forming a slight bulge on the underside of his tail.
Cock Description
Calyo's cock has a pointed, but slightly rounted tip and an upward curvature. Its girth tapers gently larger from just behind the glans up to his knot, which is composed of several glands that inflate and solidify when his cock is fully erect. There are several diagonal ridges along the sides of his cock that are angled backwards from the underside to the top, that give his partners the feeling of literally being screwed.

Calyo's cock is contained within a slit and he does not possess external testicles. His cock has the same "wet" look as his mouth and tentacles, its surface likewise mildly slick as though naturally lubricated. Calyo's cock is normally nine inches long as an anthro and eighteen inches long as a feral, but he is willing to expand its dimensions to twelve and twenty-four inches respectively.
Contained within a secondary womb beyond his vagina, Calyo has a snakeshaft. Its head resembles a corn snake, and its entire length has the liquid appearance and is pleasurably sensitive to touch. It is fully capable of facial expressions and can be used by Calyo as a second "head" to see and communicate.